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FOODING is a part of Bang & Bonsomer Group OY, a Finnish head-quatered organization operating in 13 countries in Eastern-Europe and Russia.

The Bang & Bonsomer Group was founded in 1927, therefore having over 90 years of history in creating and delivering smart material technologies. Today the group employs over 300 experts in the operating countries and takes great pride in being one the most successful ingredients developers and suppliers in the region. Bang & Bonsomer Group strives for good supplier relations, research and development in order to find new and even better solutions to formulations and applications, and last but not least a world-class global network of logistics to guarantee the timely delivery of all orders.

Sustainability – a key component in our business strategy

Bang & Bonsomer Group proudly carries ecological, social, and economical responsibilities as a good corporate citizen of the world. We search for, develop, and offer innovative material technologies that are the least harmful to the environment and people

A strong belief in High Ethics

We comply with the letter and spirit of laws, good business practices, and safety requirements.

Sustainable business, reliability, and credibility. We deal fairly and respectfully among colleagues and with partners.

FOODING business division is the largest and most actively growing business unit of Bang & Bonsomer. Our offices are in Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lihtuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark & Poland. FOODING currently employs over 100 experts in food technology and food ingredients. We serve weekly over 1000 client orders in Europe and Russia. Our aim is to make food products better throughout different food industry sectors. Better food – better health.

Fooding Bang & Bonsomer operates with strong emphasis on:

  1. Expertize in applications – we have in depth knowledge about the food industry and its sectors, we have over 90 years of experience in implementing different applications and formulas, creative new and innovative approaches to difficult challenges.
  2. Making the trends – we follow the existing trends and try to predict what comes next. Be it sugar replacements, extra healthy food, vitalizing food, re-energizing food, food without animal components, maximum sustainability and environmental care, different sensations for texture, color, shape modification, creating new sports food components etc. Making food better drives us and focuses to offer our clients innovative formulas for everyday challenges.
  3. It is the people, not the business. In the end of the day, we are all people and people need care and attention. We have our own 360° customer care policy that we apply in every client service case.
  4. We grow the profit of our clients. If our clients are successful, then we are successful. We help food producers achieve their targets.
  5. Good knowledge is shared knowledge. We believe in sharing our expertize.









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