Potato Starch

Special starch, thermo-reversible, can be used in the confectionery industry, as well as to slow down the melting of ice cream.

Modified Cold Swelling Potato Starches

Cold swelling potato starches can be used in the production of mayonnaise in the cold way if there are special requirements for the density and texture of the mayonnaise. Also, these starches can be used in the production of curd products for HoReCa and cold fillings.

Modified Potato Starches

Potato starches of the Eliane line are used to create thermostable fillings, a thickened product by mixing, as well as various sauces. With the help of these starches, in combination with several other ingredients, absolute thermal stability is achieved. The second indisputable advantage of this line is the ability to achieve very high transparency of… Continue reading Modified Potato Starches

Potato Starches for the Production of Imitation Cheese

The HoReCa industry is developing rapidly and products such as cream cheese for rolls, imitation mozzarella for pizza and other types of imitation cheeses are in wide demand. Whether you need mozzarella strands, hard cheese grate or Philadelphia creaminess, we have a solution for you.

Corn Emulsifying Starches E1450

Creation of an emulsion is a complex process and it is difficult to create a homogeneous and well-stabilized emulsion. Emulsifying starches come to the rescue – they aid in the creation of emulsions and can serve as a substitute for natural emulsifiers such as egg yolk or milk protein.

Refined Corn Starches E1401, E1404, E1405

Starches of this line are used in dairy products and stabilization systems, some types of fillings and condensed milk produced by the mixing method. Products made from these starches typically have high flowability and low viscosity.

Cold Swelling Starches from Corn E1442

Starches of the Resistamyl® line have established themselves as stabilizers of the highest quality, which are widely used in the production of mayonnaise, ketchup, sauces, dairy products and fillings. This is the most versatile line of starches in the mid-price range.